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Hello! My name is Harry. I must start by explaining that I am not a medical professional and none of the advice in this blog should be used to diagnose an illness. The information in this blog will help you to gain a good knowledge and understanding of many different medical conditions and procedures, but if you have any symptoms or pain, you should always book an appointment with your local GP or visit the local emergency department at your local hospital. I have learnt about various medical conditions from my uncle who is a GP. He would often explain the different cases he had seen and would let me read his medical textbooks. I hope you find my blog useful.



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Lower Back Pain: Understanding Your Non-Surgical Management Options

If you are experiencing pain in your lower back, you should consult a licensed practitioner for guidance on an ideal treatment program. A customised plan for pain relief will take into account your medical history and your current condition. Therefore, you will achieve better results and improve your quality of life. The primary objectives of lower back pain treatment are to manage discomfort, prevent further lumbar strain and maintain back functionality. Here are the primary non-surgical management options to consider for your lower back pain.

Heat and Ice Treatment

The application of cold compresses and heating pads can help in reducing the discomfort caused by lower back pain. You should use both solutions to achieve the best results. In general, you should use the cold treatment option to minimise swelling in the affected area. Place the compress over the tender sections of your back. The low temperature will reduce the inflammation in the area, relieving your discomfort significantly. Heating pads are useful for the treatment regimen because they can loosen tight lower back muscles. You can also take warm baths to achieve the same results. When using heat and cold treatments, you should protect your skin against scalding and frostbite.

Manual Manipulation

Manual manipulation of the back can help in relieving your physical pain and general discomfort. This form of treatment should be delivered by an experienced chiropractor to ensure maximum benefits and minimal risks. In general, manual manipulation involves the application of varying levels of pressure on the lumbar structures. The goals of this process are to relieve muscle tension and improve general blood flow in the lower back. Also, there are sensitive structures in the back which are under strain. This stress can be relieved through some light manipulation. Additionally, the treatment will increase the flexibility of the back, preventing recurrence of the back pain. 


You should think about starting a new exercise regime to improve the health of your lower back. The combination of different routines can help in stretching and strengthening your lumbar spine. Also, when this is combined with physical therapy, the quality of your life can increase significantly. Additionally, you can take up low impact aerobics for the long-term improvement of your spinal health. You should note that poor exercise practices can be harmful to your back. Therefore, you should consult an experienced practitioner in spinal health such as a chiropractor for guidance on an ideal exercise regime for optimal results. 

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